Judith F. Chusid, Ph.D, is Founder/Director of JFC Professional Services, a psychological therapy and consulting practice and Creator of the Success Is An Inside Job® Workshops and Professional Training Programs. She has over thirty-five years experience as therapist, teacher, consultant, lecturer and writer. An innovator and pioneer in the area of resolving resistances to success and change, she is known in the fields of sports, entertainment and business as “The Resistance Buster.” She is known for developing strategic interventions that help individuals and organizations reach optimal performance. Since 2011, Dr. Chusid has been a regular guest on Dr. Radio discussing fear of success issues and giving tips on how to revamp work life. She earned a Ph.D. and masters from New York University, a P.D. from St. John’s University, and finished post-graduate training in psychoanalysis at The Center for Modern Psychoanalysis. She has lectured all over the country and been a visiting professor at colleges and universities including Vassar, Smith, Yale, Harvard and Princeton. She is the author of numerous papers, including “Do You Have An Allergy to Success” and “Modern Psychoanalytic Concepts in Teacher Training.” Her first book Success Is An Inside Job: Facing Fear of Success will be on sale September 2013. Dr. Zulema E. Suárez, Ph.D. is the Associate Director of JFC Professional Services, Inc. and the Success Is An Inside Job® workshops. She has been following her bliss for over thirty years as a former professor at University of Michigan, Fordham, and Adelphi University. A trained clinical social workers for over 20 years, she is a researcher and author of articles and book chapters in professional journals and textbooks. As a therapist, Dr. Suárez uses an integrative style, combining talk therapy with spiritual, experiential, psychodrama, and holistic approaches including breath and relaxation, guided imagery, meditation, and 12-step spirituality. Whether drawing on current research,h or ancient wisdom teachings, or her keen intuition, Dr. Suárez’s mission is to help people move from surviving to thriving in a happier more conscious and fulfillinged life.
Dr. Suárez earned a Ph.D. from The University of Chicago, post-graduate training from the Center for Modern Psychoanalysis, and psychodrama training from the Hudson Valley Psychodrama Institute under the supervision of Rebecca Walters and Judy Swallow.
The SIIJ Workshop Success Is An Inside Job® is a 5 ½-day professional self-growth workshop designed to identify and resolve behaviors patterns that interfere with your career and creative aspirations. Our facilitators create a safe and supportive environment that allows you to focus on your career struggles away from the hustle and bustle of your regular schedule. How It Works Success Is An Inside Job® uses a multi-dimensional approach to resolving career and vision blocks. Experienced facilitators combine lectures with role-playing, case studies, vision mapping and group techniques – like psychodrama and experiential exercises – to provide participants with unique career coaching rarely found in consulting or private practices. These methods are presented in a gentle way to help you overcome self-sabotaging behaviors. Workshop participants learn tools and techniques to overcome underearning, underachieving, workaholism, sabotage at the top, career confusion, and difficulties transitioning from one career to another. Small group activities help to promote insight, cooperation, and trust. Eight to ten participants per group work with two SIIJ® facilitators. You will leave the workshop with a blueprint for moving ahead, new tools, a 30-day action plan, accountability and support via a Success Buddy, a Spiritual Partner and your SIIJ® Alumni group to support you in overcoming your career issues.