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Ballparks are just as trendy 21 nfl jerseys as clothes and hairstyles. In the 1960s and '70s, many cities built doughnut shaped multipurpose stadiums. It was also the era of the domed stadium. We were in awe of the immensity of the Astrodome Cheap Nike Pujols Limited Jerseys in Houston and the Kingdome in Seattle. Today, Cheap Elite wholesale jerseys and hats Middlebrooks Kids Jerseys a new trend in Cheap Kids Roberts Elite Jerseys stadiums has led to the demolition of the Kingdome and Cheap Womens Nunez Jerseys the likely demise Cheap Womens Cheap Red where to buy jerseys alt="cheap st louis cardinals jerseys" title="cheap st louis cardinals jerseys" /> Sox Breslow Elite Jerseys Wright Limited Jerseys of the Astrodome. The latest trend in sports stadiums is the retractable roof stadium.

These new convertible stadiums allow athletic fields to be covered during inclement weather, but can be opened Cheap Elite Leake Reds Jerseys to allow the sun to shine in on fair weather days. This new type of Cheap Youth Kontos Limited Jerseys stadium has all but killed off the idea of artificial Cheap Game Utley Kids Jerseys turf stadiums, which cause a greater number of injuries than natural turf. Retractable roofs are an idea whose time has come, but just how do they work? There's Cheap Brewers Falu Game Jerseys no single ClickToFindOutMore answer to that question because no two Cheap Youth Wood Braves Jerseys retractable roof stadiums are exactly alike. Let's look at a few of these convertible stadiums:

Skydome, Toronto The home of the Cheap Nike Adcock Elite Jerseys Blue Jays of Major League Baseball (MLB) was opened in 1989 and began the era of retractable roof stadiums. While other stadiums had previously been built with removable tops, a la Montreal's Olympic Stadium, the Skydome was the first to have a fully retractable roof. The roof consists of four steel panels and it moves along rails at a rate of 71 feet (21 meters) per minute and takes 20 minutes Cheap Padres Cabrera Youth Jerseys to open or close. In the searing heat of the Arizona desert, it was almost Cheap Game Bastardo Jerseys a necessity to have a ballpark that could be open during moderate days and closed and air conditioned on Cheap Indians Dickerson Authentic Jerseys hot summer days. Bank One's roof uses a system similar to a drawbridge. Safeco's roof is divided into three independent panels made of a thin gypsum and glass fiber board. nfljerseys A waterproof skin covers the panels. The three panels are staggered so that the roof can slide completely away from the field of play. The panels roll on motorized steel wheels that move over steel rails. Power is provided by long cables that are reeled in and out as the roof slides open and shut. The newest of the retractable roof stadiums, it consists of three panels with staggered Cheap Elite Ortiz Youth Jerseys heights that slide completely off of the top of the playing field. Even the glass walls on one side of the stadium retract to allow baseballs to be hit competently out of the stadium. Sixty electric motors with 7.5 horsepower drive 140 36 inch (91 cm) steel wheels that slide over Cheap Youth Rivero Authentic Jerseys tracks on the east and west sides of the stadium. Reliant's 956 x 385 foot (291 x 117 m) roof divides into two panels that open in the middle of the stadium over the 50 yard line. The panels are made out of a translucent Teflon coated fiberglass. Five trichord trusses support each panel and span between supertrusses. They are designed to move panels that weigh millions of pounds Cheap Maldonado Brewers Jerseys in Cheap Elite Mills Youth Jerseys just minutes. By doing so, they give fans a new experience at baseball and football games. Given their popularity, it's likely we will see many more of Cheap Pirates Worley Youth Jerseys these convertible stadiums built cheap steelers stuff Cheap Elite Ortega Womens Jerseys in the next decade until they are replaced by the next stadium trend.

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