SIIJ and Breakthrough at Caron – A Natural Collaboration Success Is An Inside Job®, under the direction of Judith F. Chusid and Breakthrough at Caron, under the direction of Ann Smith, collaborated together in 2011-2012. The two programs, committed to helping individuals overcome unhealthy life patterns, were a natural fit. Both programs advocate self-growth and living your best life philosophies. Caron’s describes their mission as Recovery For Life and SIIJ describes its mission Self-Growth for Life. The collaboration was successful with SIIJ attracting workshop participants from across the U.S. and Canada. Six-City Tour – How to Have Prosperity in Hard Times Judith F. Chusid and Ann Smith lectured in the six cities where Caron has regional offices: Allentown, Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and West Palm Beach. The topic “How to Have Prosperity In Hard Times” drew large crowds to rave reviews. Breakthrough at Caron is a 5 ½-day program designed to help individuals “break through” old defenses and patterns. The staff and workshop participants create an atmosphere similar to a healthy family. The program minimizes distractions and maximizes progress and productivity. Individuals meet in groups of 8 - 10 and spend each day with two skilled workshop facilitators in an intensive experiential group. This program has been life-changing for thousands of people for the last forty years. The workshop takes place in a beautifully refurbished historic mansion on the main campus of Caron Treatment Centers, located near Reading, PA. Success Is An Inside Job® is a 5 ½-day workshop designed to provide individuals with an opportunity work on career, creativity and vision issues. Participants work in small groups of 8 -10 with two facilitators who use experiential techniques to identify and resolve fear of success issues such as underearning, underachieving, addiction to work, workaholism, sabotage at the top, failing up and vision issues. These proven techniques have helped individuals, companies, and sports teams resolve blocks to progress, change and success. Think of Caron if someone you know or love needs recovery Caron is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide enlightened and caring treatment community to individuals affected by alcoholism and drug addiction and co-occurring disorders such as sex addiction or depression. The Caron program offers guidance and support to families and partners. This support helps those in recovery to live addiction free and begin a new life. Caron is in its sixth decade of providing quality services and has four treatment facilities located in Pennsylvania, Florida, and Texas offering a full spectrum of gender-specific chemical dependency treatment programs to meet the needs of everyone from adolescents to seniors. Caron's proven expertise includes early intervention, medical evaluation and detoxification, residential primary, relapse and extended care, outpatient treatment for adults and adolescents, continuing care, family counseling and codependency treatment. To support these programs there are five regional offices in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C and Bermuda. It provides over 14 million dollars annually in treatment scholarships. Caron - dedicated to Recovery For Life -has expanded its vision beyond focusing only on addiction recovery. To support all motivated individuals in their personal journeys, Ann Smith developed the Breakthrough program, an experiential group workshop to help individuals who feel “stuck” in dysfunctional patterns, to resolve their personal blocks. Because of Caron’s commitment to self-growth, it is a natural extension of the organization’s work to collaborate with Dr. Judith F. Chusid’s practice JFC to offer Success Is An Inside
job to address career, creative and vision blocks.