SIIJ offers workshops for personal and professional growth. Our 5 ½-Day Retreats
are designed to give participants an opportunity to focus on their issues in a safe and
comfortable setting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For that week,
we ask attendees to turn off their cell phones and unplug their computers so they
can focus on themselves.

2019 -2020 Retreat Dates 

June 28-30, 2019 ( New York City) 

September 22 – 27, 2019 ( The Meadows, Wickenberg, AZ) 

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Professional Growth Workshops Address:

Individual and Team Career Blocks

Resistances To Success

Earning, Vision and Fear of Success Issues

Strategic Leadership (Resolving Under and Over Using Performance Strength)

Resistances to Learning and Behavior Issues in the classroom (For Teachers and Administrators)

Resistances to Wining and Optimal Performance (For Coaches and Sports Executives)

We Provide:

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Team Building

Conflict Resolution

Collaborative Problem Solving

Culture Change Accommodation

Personal Growth Workshops Address:

Unhealthy Relationship Patterns

Choose better partners 
Move on faster

Marital and Couple Intimacy Problems

Build intimacy through positive communication
Resolve resentments and betrayal issues

Parent Child/Adolescent Issues

Learn constructive communication skills 
Become a better parental manager 

Unworkable Family Dynamics

Change the way the family interacts 
Create new family patterns